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      Dear all,


      In the aftermath of the latest economic crisis in many parts of the world, communities worldwide seem to be going through a transitive  period bringing  forward a range of culturally divisive issues (racial ,religious, ideological, philosophical. In that context, as individuals and as social institutions and organizations we are asked to interpret events with a focus on the living conditions of current and future generations.


      We live in a world of parallel meta-kinesis, in space, labour, interpersonal relationships, religion and politics. People are looking for new platforms and alternative perspectives in ways that guarantee continuity. Boarders are shifting ,populations are resetting , economies are crumbling, violence and  terrorism threaten the humanistic tradition and different dogmas are  clashing around the world Beyond the dramatic effects of forced migration due to wars or physical disasters, the idea of meta-kinesis includes historically founded needs ,such as (a) looking for the new experience       (b) researching the unknown,(c) managing change (d ) challenging mindfulness and alternative ways of life.


      META-KINESIS: The change of position in a system where one’s movement steers the movement of the other in order to maintain stability.


      In both violent and peaceful instances there are challenges for the laws, the social policies, the different cultures, the social values, as well as the individual that are in continuous interaction and call for new approaches.

      CIF International, as a world multicultural organization has embedded transparency and promotes the connection of individuals, cultures, services and professionals in order to optimize knowledge and experiences from all over the world, while it searches methods, approaches and interventions that contribute to the safeguarding of human rights in the new era of multiculturalism.

      During the 2017 CIF International Conference we will have the chance to pose questions and explore positions that lead to the acquisition of tools for a different approach emanating from the on going rapidly changing data.


      We will, mainly, discuss and focus on practical models that are already implemented or are in a process of targeting the promotion of the sustainable human values of worldwide understanding and peace that we serve as an international organisation.


      With kind regards,


      32nd CIF International Conference

      Organizing Team